The earliest record I have of my direct line is that of William Herrison (sic) He was probably a farmer and his grandson, Thomas Harrison, certainly was. In his Will he left the equivalent of 20,000 in today's money. Thomas Harrison was buried at Wheldrake, East Riding of Yorkshire. In his Will he described himself as a husbandman (farmer) and "of the Waterhouses", wetlands on the edge of the village.  He had a son, George Harrison and George's son was named Richard - see below.  This is a family of yeoman farmers - comparatively well off and, in later years, running thriving businesses in farming machinery in nearby Newton upon Derwent.  I would like to hear from anyone who might have a connection with this family and/or an interest in Wheldrake's local history - email address is below.

Names closely associated with my family include Sherwood, Chaney, Millerd, Miller, Steer, Vidler, Woolgar, Whitehill, Young and Barugh.

William Herrison

Died 28 June 1576 Home upon Spalding Moor


Thomas Herrison

Born 1551 Holme upon Spalding Moor. Died 1611


Thomas Harrison

Born 6 Jan 1576. Died 12 Dec 1639, Wheldrake


George Harrison.

 Married to Alice. No dates available. Mentioned in father's Will dated 1639


  Richard Harrison. 

Born 12 May 1650.. Buried 14 November 1724, Wheldrake, Yorkshire. Wife's name not known.


i John Harrison bap 8 February 1684/85* Wheldrake, Yorkshire

ii Alice Harrison bap 10 March1688/89* Wheldrake, Yorkshire

iii Elizabeth Harrison bap 16 December 1691 buried 2 February 1698/99* Wheldrake, Yorkshire

iv Grace Herison (sic) bap 30 September 1694 Wheldrake, Yorkshire. Mentioned in Will of Richard Harrison (brother) 1756. Married Bartholemew Whitehill 7October1717, Wheldrake, Yorkshire.

v Richard Harrison, farmer: bap 27 November 1698, buried 11 March 1756 Wheldrake Yorkshire. Will dated 1 March 1756. Proved York 20 September 1756. Married Mary Young 4 Marh 1727/38*, Acomb, Yorkshire. Alive in 1756. Mentioned in Will of husband that year.

Next generation

 Richard Harrison (v above)


i Mary Harrison bap 4 February 1728/29*, Whedrake, Yorkshire. Mentioned in Will of Richard Harrison (father) 1756

ii Anne Harrison bap 30 December 1730 Wheldrake, Yorkshire. Mentioned in Will of Richard Harrison (father) 1756

iii Elizabeth Harrison bap 14 January 1733/34*, Wheldrake, Yorkshire. Mentioned in Will of Richard Harrison (father) 1756

iv William Harrison, yeoman,  bap 18 October 1735, Wheldrake, Yorkshire. married Mary Barugh, daughter of William (farmer) and Mary Barugh of Skipwith 26 January 1769 by license, Little Ouseburn, Yorkshire. Buried 22 March 1815, Wilberfoss, Yorkshire.. Will 20 January 1815. Sole executor in Will of father Richard Harrison dated 1756.

v Hannah Harrison, bap 8 September 1737, Wheldrake, Yorkshire. Mentioned in Will of Richard Harrison (father) 1756.

vi Richard Harrison bap 26 November 1740, Wheldrake, Yorkshire. Mentioned in Will of Richard Harrison (father) 1756

Next generation

William Harrison, yeoman, iv above


i William Harrison bap 2 September 1770, Wheldrake, Yorkshire. Mentioned in Will of William Harrison 1815. Spouse not known. Had at least one child, Richard Harrison b December 1804, d 22 March 1805, buried 24 March 1805, Wheldrake, Yorkshire.

ii Mary Harrison bap 1 June 1773 Wheldrake, Yorkshire. Mentioned in Will of William Harrison 1815. Married William Bowater. mentioned in Will of William Harrison 1815.

iii Richard Harrison bap 30 July 1775, Wheldrake, Yorkshire. Mentioned in Will of Richard Harrison 1815

iv Thomas Harrison b 23 January 1780 buried 20 October 1844, Wilberfoss, Yorkshire. Mentioned in Will of William Harrison 1815.occupation Farmer, m. 12 Nov 1810, Martha Sherwood, b. 23 May 1785, Catton area of Yorkshire (daughter of William Sherwood and Mary?) d. 28 Feb 1855. Thomas died 16 Oct 1844, Wilberfoss, Yorkshire.

Next generation

. Thomas Harrison,  iv above (here the family leaves Wheldrake and stations itself in Wilberfoss).


i William Harrison b. 1811, Wilberfoss

ii Mary Harrison b. 1813, Wilberfoss

iii Martha Harrison b. 1814, Wilberfoss

iv Matilda Harrison b. 1815, Wilberfoss

v Thomas Harrison b. 1817, Wilberfoss, occupation publican, m. 1847 onwards, Elizabeth, b. 1826, d. 1900. Thomas died 1887. Thomas used to "go round with a threshing machine at one time."

vi John Harrison b. 28 Apr 1819.Wilberfoss, occupation builder, m. (1) Eliza ?, b. 1818, d. 20 May 1870, m. (2) 19 Jul 1871, Louisa Jane Chaney, b. 10 Jun 1843, Willesden, (daughter of George Chaney and Mary Millerd) d. 17 Feb 1932. John died 6 Feb 1884, Walton on Thames, Surrey. John cut his ties with Yorkshire and brought his family down to Bermondsey, London and then to Surrey.

vii Margaret Harrison b. 1821, Wilberfoss

viii William Harrison b. 1823, Wilberfoss

ix George Harrison b. 1823, d. 1890.

x Ann Harrison b. 1826, Catton.

Next generation

 John Harrison, vi above


. i John George Harrison b. 1876. Walton on Thames. d 1963. Occupation civil servant, later insurance agent. m. 5 Aug 1902, in Hastings, Eveleen Marion Vidler, b.1879, occupation teacher, d. 1943, Brede Nr Hastings.

ii William Millerd Harrison b. 1872, Newton Upon Derwent, occupation aeronautical engineer, d. 3 Jul 1935.

iii Mary Jane Harrison b. 1874, occupation piano teacher, d. 22 Feb 1950.

iv Henry Sherwood Harrison b. 23 Apr 1883, occupation bank clerk, d. 1974.

v Thomas Sydney Harrison b. 1885, d. 6 May 1917, France (killed in action), buried: Walton on Thames, Surrey. 

Next generation

John George Harrison, i above


i Leslie Harrison b. 25 Apr 1908, occupation printer, formally repaired/sold agricultural machinery. d. 1995. Leslie  was the last in the family to have any connection with agriculture.

ii Keith Harrison b. 25 Apr 1908, d. Aug 1908. iii Ronald John Keith Harrison b. 10 Jul 1903 Walton on Thames, Surrey. Occupation journalist - subsequently press officer Ministry of Defence,  First marriage (two subsequent marriages). 30 Dec 1930, in London, Frances Elizabeth Bradford, b. 17 Feb 1911, London, d 12 December 2003, Great Yarmouth.. (One  subsequent marriage). Ronald died 17 Jul 1996, Henley on Thames, buried: 26 Jul 1996, Henley on Thames.

Next generation

  Ronald John Keith Harrison, iii above


 i Michael John Francis Harrison b.  1932. m. 1964 Gillian Cundall Morgan, b.  1936

ii Geoffrey Luff Harrison b.  1937 m Susan Battersby 

Next generation

  Michael John Francis Harrison b. 1932,  i above


i Mark Stuart Harrison b.  1964,  m. Sarah West  1996. 

ii Briony Harrison b 1968. m  Richard Truscott   1999. Briony & Richard have three children, Thomas Charles Truscott b     William Truscott. b   and  Nina Truscott b

Next generation

Mark Stuart Harrison, i above


i Blake Harrison b  1988

ii Ethan Harvey Harrison b 2000

iii Jude Harrison b  2004

Next generation

We await with interest!

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* two dates to accommodate calendar system change