Michael Harrison's Home Page

Part one: Local History & Archaeology

A Bibliography of Abingdon's Local History

some 700 items and growing

A History of 3 Stert Street, Abingdon

the site,1466 construction, Abbey ownership, to

the Crown, to the Borough and finally to private ownership

Finds from a hole in the ground at 3 Stert Street

some 400 items from Roman times to the 20th century

Abingdon's great flood of 1913

a tale of great damage to the heart of Abingdon, as reported in the North Berks Herald 

Under the Pavement of Abingdon's Stert Street

Part two: Genealogy

Michael Harrison's Family Tree

pushing back to Yorkshire roots

Thomas Sydney Harrison - a record of my great uncle's life

Part three: Goring by Sea: Local History

The Story of Walnut Tree Cottage

the demise of a medieval hall house


Which Michael Harrison is this?